Sunday Science: Rolls-Royce and their Fancy New Composite Blades.

Rocket Science Scale: 5

Happy Sunday everyone! Go BEARS!

So to start my Sunday Science post, Rolls-Royce makes jet engines not cars.


Second, GE has had composite fan blades for a while now. So Rolls-Royce is just catching up to what has long been considered the future for fan blades.

But that doesn’t make the new RR technology less cool.


I will say I have never been a materials girl. I’m much more into flow (compressible and incompressible). For the non-aerospace/engineer folks, flow is exactly what it sounds like, the airflow that either goes through the engine or flies over the aircraft.

Kind of like this.

Kind of like this.

For jet engines to fly, just remember Suck – Squeeze – Bang – Blow. The air goes into the engine – is squeezed and slowed down to build pressure – fuel is added and set on fire – and then sent out the back end of the engine generating thrust.

I know it sounds like a dirty joke. But most things in the aerospace industry do.

I know it sounds like a dirty joke. But most things in the aerospace industry do.

Here's how it actually works in case your interested.

Here’s how it actually works in case your interested.

Well now that my mini lesson in how planes fly is over, lets go back to materials. Composites are lighter while maintaining the same or better performance as the previous material. So the fact the Rolls-Royce has begun testing their new blades will be an advantage for their future engines. They were tested last week for the first time. Aren’t they pretty? And pretty awesome?


These blades will be used for the future UltraFan and Advanced engines which will have a better fuel burn and be more efficient. This is the first step towards the next generation of jet engines.

I used only public domain articles to write this post. The bottom will have the links I used to write about this post and the RR composite blades.

Happy Flying Rolls-Royce!


So I thought I would start using the end of my Sunday Science posts to just talk about myself, my week, the blog overall and such. So read on for my ramblings.

– I just finished reading Gone Girl. And by Just I mean, right before I wrote this post. Its a pretty creepy book. Which means I read it all last night and had to finish first thing in the morning. Amy has some serious problems. *Spoilers ahead!* I can’t imagine having to live with someone who’s a murder. And then to have a baby with that person. I just keep hoping that maybe he’ll plan an elaborate escape to just disappear from Amy with their kid and live a semi-normal life. I mean, the kid will eventually google his parents and realize that they are both insane. All in all, a very creepy book.

And even though I haven't seen the movie, I do think it was perfectly casted.

And even though I haven’t seen the movie, I do think it was perfectly casted.

– The blog has almost hit 200 views! I’m sure most of them are just me, but I’ve really enjoyed taking pictures of everything I cook and then writing about it. I’m not the best writer in the world and I’m not very good getting my posts out on time (I mean hello sunday science post that shows up past noon…. whoops). I’m probably going to stay on until the new year, where I’ll buy my own domain name as a christmas present to myself. So, If the layout changes suddenly, its because I’m still trying to find what I want for this blog.

And that’s it for this week. I’ll have a new food post on Tuesday.

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