Thoughts on Endings: Doctor Who and Naruto [Spoilers Ahead]

Welcome to my new posts that go in my Ramblings Section! This is where I talk about anything and everything that is on my mind, not related to food or Rocket Science. Such as Doctor Who and Naruto!

So this week had two endings, the end of Season 8 of Doctor Who and the actual ending of the series Naruto.

Since this is a very spoiler ridden post, please click the read more button at your own risk.

Seriously, Don't Go Below unless you've watched/read until the end of each series I mentioned.

Seriously, Don’t Go Below unless you’ve watched/read until the end of each series I mentioned.

Let’s start with Doctor Who.

I’ve like Capaldi this season. He is a much more confused Doctor and I think he is much more serious (less wobbly wobbly timey wimey) than Doctors past. Maybe a new companion will help in the future?

Because the finale had two big things happen:

1) We finally have a female time lord in the mix. Yay Missy. I thought the actress brought the best kind of crazy to the Masters character.

2) Clara is going to be a depressing companion from now on. She lost Danny Pink and as she said multiple times in the episode, he would be the last person she said I love you too. Plus, at the end of the episode both her and the Doctor lied to each other (I loved the Doctor’s reason on why hugs for goodbye suck). And when the Doctor and his companion are constantly lying to each other it leads to sad tension.

And Clara has had the best transformation this season. She no longer is a wide-eyed damsel in distress with no personality (as she was with Smith) but now is questioning what the Doctor does and thinks. Is he a good man?

As he said, nope he is an idiot. But he’s been Clara’s idiot and she’s been able to display anger, frustration, and disappointment with what he does and says (Think when she claims she was a good doctor and the Doctor says, she was an excellent doctor but not necessarily good).

And now after writing for a bit, they have focused on what qualifies as “good” a lot this season. Like how Missy claims the Doctor has always wanted an army and doesn’t care who dies for him (the bit when the Doctor is president and talks to Missy on how to take over the world hahahahahaha). Or when Danny tells the Doctor he is an officer and always lets other do his dirty work. What does it mean to be a “good” doctor? Hopefully, they will continue to explore it in the new season. Without Clara.

Because although Clara has been awesome this season, I think she needs to stop traveling with the Doctor. She will always remember the Doctor as the guy who didn’t save her Danny (even though there was nothing he could do) and abandoned her to search for Galifrey (even though he doesn’t know Danny is back). And since Clara has a kid in the future (think the episode where she met her possible grandson), I’m hoping they make up in the Christmas special, and end the traveling on good terms. Or OR he has two companions at the same time for a while and transitions her out and then it ends on good terms.

All in All, it’s been an 8/10 season. In the words of Santa, “It can’t end like that. What do you want for Christmas?” I want a little bit of the whimsy back. And a depressed Clara won’t do that. Bring back some of the happiness!

Now on to Naruto.

It’s was a story that took 15 years to complete. I’ve been reading it for about nine years. And they rushed the ending.

I think they wanted to end the series on chapter 700 (since it did end on exactly chapter 700). But when you spend 14 years building up a fight between Sasuke and Naruto and it lasts only five chapters.

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest Naruto fan (I’m more into One Piece). I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten most of the characters and plots after Jiraiya died [that’s when college picked up and even though I read the chapter every week, I retained nothing].

But I kept up with the overall large war arc. And I’m not disappointed, it was fun. But I thought it was too happy. I know, I know, I just complained about how Doctor Who isn’t happen enough. But everybody got their happy ending. Sakura got to marry Sasuke. Kakashi was Hokage. So was Naruto. And I wanted Naruto to be Hokage. But when the outcome of their fight was that they fought to the point where they couldn’t move, and they destroyed each others arms but they get them back the next chapter, what was the point? Nothing really had a consequence. Yeah, yeah, world peace was accomplished but it did not live up to the emotional investment that I expected for the later half of the series.

I will always appreciate the beginning though. I think the Chunin exams were brilliant. And Jiraiya coming in as a mentor. And Pain being a foil for Naruto.

But you could have given Sasuke and Naruto more than five chapters.


Last Thoughts? I’m a fan of endings. It means something new is beginning. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Doctor Who and wish Kishimoto the best in his next work.

Agree/Disagree? Add a comment below, I’m curious what everyone else is thinking about either series.


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