Asian Stir Fry with Beets: Hello Pink Food

Rocket Science Scale: 3 – Moderately Complicated (If you cook beets for the first time)


I still feel like a relatively new cook. I can follow recipes pretty well now but coming up with my own recipes is something I only do when I run out of time and have to through together something quick. Or I buy something at the grocery store/farmers market on a whim and need to use it before it goes bad.

Like this guy.

Like this guy.

Remember my Kitchen Basics from earlier this week? Here’s where the beets come in. In a quick dinner classic, the Asian Stir Fry. Usually you just toss a bunch of veggies and protein in a wok (usually one at a time until they are done. I wouldn’t actually know because I don’t own a wok). I’ve made them before where I use the above method with a large skillet though. And its easy-peasy.


But of course I messed that up. And made it a bit overly complicated. (This is when I attempted to microwave the beets. Just don’t do it). The stir fry turned out great in the end though so I would recommend it. But I do have to warn you. This recipe will turn your food PINK. Like really girly pink. Which I think is awesome but if you have an issue eating weird colored food then just ditch the beets. Asian Stir Fry is always yummy.

Asian Stir Fry

Recipe by ME!

The Stuff:

The Stuff

The Stuff

  • So if you noticed, I put a lot of veggies in this. I has spinach, green beens, onion, carrots, jalapeños and beets! I used my law of piles rule, where I had a pile of green beans and tried to make a similarly sized pile of all the other veggies.
  • I decided to use the same of sauce as the Veggie Bimbibap (honey, chili garlic sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil.)
  • Thai rice noodles

The Steps

1. If you cook the beets according to my Kitchen Basics post, start them first! It is usually good to have everything ready to go before you start cooking so while the beets are cooking complete the following steps!


Letting them simmer for about 40 minutes.

2. The noodles I used needed to be soaked before cooked. So I heated up some water to soak the noodles.


3. Then I got to work on the veggies. Chop them up however you plan on eating them.



Other Veggies.

Other Veggies.

4. Then mix the sauce together.


5. Now comes the fun stir fry part. It will probably be a good idea to wait for your beets to be cooked or to cook everything else first and add them in at the end. I cooked everything separately and then mixed it all together in the end. So I started with:

  • The noodles. Follow your pasta’s directions on cook time.


  • The carrots, until tender (this time changes depending


  • I then added the broccoli. I cooked both of them until they were tender.


  • If you’ve been paying attention, I cooked my beets incorrectly when I made this recipe. BUT they were still edible just not as great as they can be. So it was this point that I mixed the onions, jalapeños and beets. Watch and be amazed as your food turns pink!


  • Next I made scrambled eggs with spinach.


  • And lastly, I mixed everything back together in the pan!


6. Finally, I threw the sauce in and let everything sizzle for a few moments and stirring it all together. Then you are done! I topped my stir fry with some fresh cut chives. This took me a little over an hour to make from start to finish. [6:03 to 7:13 approximately]


Make sure to put it in a pretty white bowl so all the pink food stains your pretty nice white bowl. Just saying.


Happy Cooking!



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