Fruit Ninja, Fantasy Football, Outlander

So normally I write a food post on Tuesday, but I have a thanksgiving turkey tutorial coming either Wednesday or Thursday and that’s enough food for a week. So be patient :).

One of many turkey pictures to be shared.

One of many turkey pictures to be shared.

So instead I’m going to talk about my three current obsessions,  Fruit Ninja, Fantasy Football and Outlander (The Book).

1) Fruit Ninja. I know, I know I already talked about this. But I finally hit the expert level!!! But 2/3 of the new expert blades are lame. I’ve always hated the dragon one (It is seriously distracting), and the first time I tried the freeze blade, I got 0 freeze bananas. Dumb. But the Disco Blade is pretty cool (especially if you have the sound on).

It made me pretty happy.

It made me pretty happy.

So I’ll probably stick to the Ghostbusters background and the party blade (I really like getting 17 fruit combos). But since I’ve beaten the app, I’ll probably stop playing so much…..

It really does happen. I can't seem to get 18 though :/

It really does happen. I can’t seem to get 18 though :/

And you thought I was lying when I said I could have a serious conversation about Fruit Ninja.

2) Fantasy Football. This is my first year playing. I’m in two leagues, one with my coworkers and a family league. I’m 1st in my family league (Woohoo!) and 3rd in my work league (also Woohoo!).

Each week of football, I always have three wishes. The first is for a Bears Win. This is the first and foremost wish. I would my winning record in both my leagues for the Bears to win every week.


My second wish is to win my work league game. Its a 12 person league, and everyone else really took the draft seriously (I didn’t know who half my team was during the draft. I followed ESPN’s guidance almost to the letter, and picked players based off the summaries I read during the draft).

My Team is I am Groot.

My Team is I am Groot.

My third wish is to win my family league game. It’s an 8 person league but much more casually and a lot less trash talking going on. I’m also winning currently and my team is pretty good. So not to much to worry about.


In this league, I’m the Hufflepuff Honey Badgers

Every week I always seem to get 2/3 of my wishes. The Bears have been sucking recently, so of course my fantasy teams have done well. But Week 11, the Bears won their game, so of course I lost a fantasy game (family league).

This might sound whiny, but can’t I have one week where I get all three. Just one. I wish I had a Shiva trophy to ask to grant all my wishes. Then maybe it will happen. But I guess I’ll just take 2/3.


3) Outlander. This has been a great book. It’s the first book I’ve read slowly, in a very long time. Usually when I get a new book (for example Gone Girl), I can’t put it down and finish it in a day or two. So, Outlander is a really nice change of pace. I’m 3/4ths of the way through the book and am throughly enjoying it. But It is not a book that needs to be rushed. Maybe because it has a pretty straight forward plot. The time traveling thing is new but otherwise, girl gets put in new time. She falls in love. She is torn between love and responsibility. She chooses love. [Insert plot twist which makes you buy the next book].


I’m waiting for the plot twist. I know it’s coming because I know there are more books. My guess is she is going to get sent back to her time but she will be pregnant with Jamie’s baby. So Frank will be freaking out and Claire will just want to get back (Since I swear Captain Randall will ruin Frank for Claire forever. That is what happens when your descendant was a douche). I’m excited for the end. Should be fun, whatever ends up happening.

So that’s what I’ve been obsessed with. Agree/Disagree with anything? Leave a comment!

But don’t ruin the ending of Outlander. Cause then you would suck. (I know its been out since forever, but It took me this long to read it. so please, no spoilers).


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