All the Rants: Thanksgiving, Fantasy Football, Outlander, and my thoughts on Ferguson.

So this post is going to be a bit over the place and have a lot of unrelated topics. So I’m going to put a title in the center to try and distinguish between the many different topics, so if you want to read a specific topic, you should be able to find it pretty easily. I’m going to cover my family’s Thanksgiving, a short rant on Fantasy Football, continue talking about Outlander (for about a second) and get a bit serious and give my thoughts on Ferguson. Click on if any of those topics sounded interesting to you!


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! Mine was super relaxing and fun. I haven’t seen my family in a few months, so I was excited to go home and visit. I started the day running a Turkey Trot with my dad, brother and one of my sisters. I ran it in 29:19 (The course is 2.5 miles) which I don’t think is too bad for a newish runner.

Group Photo

Group Photo after the run!

Then my dad made the turkey. While it was cooking, my family watched football and Mystery Diners (seriously). Then we put out all the food and devoured it. Later we ate dessert and played some board games.



The Spread

The Spread (when I went up for seconds 🙂 )

The next day, we did some Black Friday Shopping downtown and did a lot of walking. PLUS, I got to visit the the new Blackhawks store and take a picture in the photo booth.

My sister, her boyfriend, and I with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane!

My sister, her boyfriend, and me with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane!

Overall it was a great Thanksgiving. I can’t wait until Christmas!!

Tis the Season!

Tis the Season!

Fantasy Football

2/3. It’s always 2/3. Since I last spoke about Fantasy, two weekends ago, the Bears won, I won my family league and lost my work league. This past weekend my work league team (I Am Groot) played outstandingly and scored over 120 pts. (I still had my QB, Peyton Manning, to play when I wrote this… So I was projected to get at least 140 pts.)) . My family league (The Hufflepuff Honey Badgers) also put up a lot of good plays and I was up 70ish – 50ish with me still having Peyton Manning and CJ Anderson and my opponent only having Jamaal Charles to play. I just watched C.J. Anderson score a touchdown, so I’m not too concerned.

My Fantasy Hero.

My Fantasy Hero.

But the Bears lost.



All I can say is I’m headed to both my leagues fantasy playoffs. So if this 2/3 thing keeps up, the Bears better keep losing (if only to help our draft position next year) to propel me to the finish. I would like to win my leagues.

Even if I do lose, I’ve had the best rookie fantasy year ever.



Was so confused when I began reading the beginning of Dragonfly in Amber. But I’ve started Part 2 of the book and all I want to know is how she got back to the future (hehe). And poor Jamie. He doesn’t even get to raise his daughter 😦 I’m excited to keep reading.


Warning: This is the most rambling section ever since it is mostly based on my feelings and the facts of the Ferguson case as I understand them. It is probably full of typos and might not be very cohesive since it was very train-of-thought writing. Please keep an open mind and be civil if you leave a comment. 

So, I’ll start by saying I have never felt like I am part of a minority. I am hispanic but I look (almost 100%) white. So I feel like I can’t fully understand how it must be to live in Ferguson, where race seems to still be a defining characteristic of how they judge other people. So I’ve looked on in deep sadness watching the events unfold in Ferguson. Everything happening there seems so unreal, and so separate from the life I’ve lived. It makes me depressed that there is still such obvious displays of racism going on in the U.S.

At this point, I don’t think the world will ever know what really happened. Was Michael Brown a “thug”? Did he charge the officer? OR was he just a dumb teenager, who in the worst decision of his life, decided to defy the cop who told him to move over? Which lead to his tragic death?

Because what happened was a tragedy. Who cares if he was “defying authority”? I say this because even if he was being an asshole to the cop, the police officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed him, possibly for just being an asshole teenager.  Shouldn’t have Michael Brown just been arrested and thrown in jail? Or if he did charge the officer while he sat in his car, you know, move the car and he’d be forced to let go? Maybe call for some backup if you felt you were seriously threatened? Are the cops in Ferguson really being taught that their first instinct should be to kill the subject of their chase? [I am NOT a cop, so I personally have no clue what the training they undertake about when they are facing what the believe is a hostile subject]

I can only hope bringing attention to this issue might change something in the future, even if it is just alerting the right people *coughthePresidentcough* that such blatant racism is still being carried out in modern day America. So going back to my intro, what can one do when you are not personally affected by the events going on in Ferguson? Because other than hearing about Ferguson and following it in the news, it has not changed what goes on in my day to day life. I still went home for Thanksgiving. I still watch football and read books in my spare time. I think the best thing to do is keep talking about it. It should not be accepted as a random tragedy. The feelings and racial tension had been established in Ferguson and this was a tipping point. So what can you do?

Here is an article on what white people can do about Ferguson [Article]. It calls out white people specifically who haven’t commented about Ferguson on Facebook. (I am one of those people. I haven’t posted anything because I don’t really post on Facebook, I just creep and read the things others posts such as this article. The closest I’ve used my Facebook for any major issues is Net Neutrality. And I just shared an oatmeal article). But I thought I’d try and talk about it here, because again, I think what has happened in Ferguson needs to keep being talked about. It is a hard topic to talk about because it might not affect you, personally. Plus, it is sad and can lead to very uncivil conversations (because opinions can be so strong), so people may avoid talking about it.

All in All, I’m going to try and stay informed and see if there is anything that I can do in the future. Let’s just keep the conversations going.

Now to lighten the mood, here is a puppy surfing down the stairs. Cooking posts will resume this week.


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