Ranting: Fantasy Football, Christmas Activities and Selfies/Running

Fantasy Football

1/3. It’s the freaking fantasy playoffs, and I win the only game I didn’t need to win. Plus the Bears lost.

This picture really does describe how I feel with every Bears loss.

This picture really does describe how I feel with every Bears loss.

So now I have learned why the fantasy playoffs are so cruel. My family league is a two week playoffs, and I am currently behind by 14 points. All because Peyton Manning chose this week to not throw a touchdown (I have CJ Anderson so I did get all the running points, but still). My only saving grace in that game was that Julio Jones scored more points than Randall Cobb and Eddy Lacy COMBINED.



In my work league, I’m going into the playoffs as #1 in the league (after Le’Veon Bell had a monster 41 point game leading to my 10 – 4 record). BUT that can all be for nothing going into the one game semi finals. I’ll let you know next week how everything plays out, but all I can hope for is to still be in playoff contention.

Christmas Activities

So some of my work friends and I had a craft gift exchange. I made a mason jar Olaf, who’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.


I don’t think I’ve ever done a craft activity outside of a summer camp so it was fun to see I could still make something myself.


Also, adults making ginger bread houses is the best. I mean how else do you end up with symmetric patterns, murder scenes and rockets?


The person who made the murder scene was 23. Wasn't me AT ALL, I swear....

The person who made the murder scene was 23. Wasn’t me AT ALL, I swear….



So I don’t own a nice camera or anything. So I usually end up taking most of my pictures with my iPhone. And yes, most of those pictures are selfies.


I’ve realized I have become like my mother and love taking photos of the little things in life. Life the time I went downtown with my family and we saw the large Christmas tree:


Or that time I wore my favorite oversized scarf and wanted to celebrate the occasion:

Fake Model Pose. They don't smile right... Right!?

Fake Model Pose. They don’t smile right… Right!?

But another thing I’ve been trying to do is take pictures after I run. I’m doing a 0 to 10k app and just hit week 6 (2 runs of 10 minutes, 3 five minute walks in between). It’s supposed to be an extra step to motivate me to get outside and run!


Because I really don’t like treadmills and I actually do like running outside. It lets me explore downtown Indy and go to places I normally don’t. Or just get fun running selfies of me in the city.


I’ll probably do a picture post once I hit the 5k mark of each run day selfie I have. It’ll be fun to see 🙂 (I also like how you can see the change in weather!)

IMG_7714Do you have anything you do to keep motivated? Because I would l seriously like to hear what keeps people going.

– End Rants –


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