It’s 2015! Now, Where to start….

Hey Guys!

Sooooo, It’s been a while. Like a long while. A Pre-Christmas while.

Whoops. My break was excellent and I was fortunate enough to spend most of it with family and close friends. Lots of down time and doing absolutely nothing. Which included ignoring this blog…. Again, Whoops.


I spent time with my family….

Say my hawks play...

Saw my hawks play at the United Center…

It also didn’t help the blog that I got a new laptop! Happy for me, bad for not having all my passwords yet stored in the new computer. I can’t decide whether I love that my computer remembers all my passwords for me or if I hate it, since I now can never remember which website has which password.

I also introduced my family to Cards Against Humanity

I introduced my older sister and parents to Cards Against Humanity

Hit my 5k goal..

And hit my 5k goal!

All in All, I got everything I wanted for Christmas and had an amazing New Years with friends. Now it is finally back to reality. I’ve started cooking again so I’ll probably have a recipe up this week. I’ll also be trying to resume my Science Sunday posts, and then probably also have a weekly fun post (like this one!).

But for now, Happy 2015 people. Make it a great year.


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