2015 Goals, Life Edition: Running and More Running.

So I thought I’d share this first week of posts back, by sharing some of my New Years Resolutions. And this year, my ‘Resolutions’ are going to be marked with actual attainable goals. So instead of just “Eating Better”, or “Losing Weight”, or “Working Out More”, I have “find a healthy snack that will keep me full” and “training for a half marathon”. I’m hoping that the two goals might help the resolutions a bit more. But today I’m going to talk about running.


My 2014 goal was to be able to run a 5k again. I achieved this a few days after Christmas (12/28). I used the 0 to 10k app to achieve this accomplishment. And let me tell you it was not easy. I did the program in nine weeks (instead of the eight it has planned) and that was because around week 4/5, It got hard. It’s when the excuses started to come to the forefront and I just did not want to keep running. I had to much to do, there wasn’t enough time in the day, It was too cold outside, etc, etc.


Lucky for me, this running adventure wasn’t just my idea. I undertook this weekly goal with my Dad and brother, so I was able to actually talk to someone on how awful running was. I think having people to just complain to does help. Because then they can be like “yeah, it does suck, but guess what, it really is all in your head”. Then you can reflect on their advice, and go “Oh yeah, I guess I can make the time, I can do my stuff afterwards, and the weather isn’t too bad yet”. So I kept running, and eventually hit the 5k marker. Here is my journey through pictures – WARNING: It’s in thought cloud form since I don’t have the photoshop skills to make this look nicer.

Week 1: Baby Steps

Day 1

Day 1 – 10/27, 25 min total, 8 min run

Day 2 - 10/27

Day 2 – 10/29, 30 min total, 8 min run

Day 3 - 11/1

Day 3 – 11/1, 30 min total, 8 min run

Week 2: Just Getting Started

Day 4 - 11/5

Day 4 – 11/5, 28 min tot, 8 min run

Day 6 -11/8

Day 5 -11/8, 28 min tot, 8 min run

Day 6 -11/9

Day 6 -11/9, 31 min tot, 9 min run

Week 3: The Week of the Rain Jacket

Day 7 - 11/11

Day 7 – 11/11, 26 min tot, 8 min run

Day 8 - 11/13

Day 8 – 11/13, 26 min tot, 8 min run

Day 9 - 11/15

Day 9 – 11/15, 30 min tot, 10 min run

Week 4: Still in the Rain Jacket

Day 10 - 11/19

Day 10 – 11/19, 34 min tot, 14 min run

Day 12 - 11/22

Day 11 – 11/22, 36 min run, 16 min run

Day 12 - 11/25

Day 12 – 11/25, 34 min tot, 16 min run

Goal 1: Turkey Trot! 2.5 miles


Week 5: New Headband and Hoodie

Day 14 - 12/4

Day 13 – 12/2, 32 min tot, 16 min run

Day 14 - 12/4

Day 14 – 12/4, 36 min tot, 18 min run

Day 15 - 12/6

Day 15 – 12/6, 31 min tot, 16 min run

Week 6: Just Keep Swimming

Day 16 - 12/8

Day 16 – 12/8, 35 min tot, 20 min run


Day 17 – 12/10, 33 min tot, 20 min run

Forgot to take a running pic..

Forgot to take a running pic… but Day 18, 12/12, 33 min tot, 20 min run

Week 7: Revenge of the Headband


Day 19 – 12/15, 30 min tot, 20 min run


Day 20 – 12/18, 30 min tot, 20 min run

Day 21 -

Day 21 – 12/20, 35 min tot, 25 min run

Week 8: The week I didn’t take pictures until the last day, when I hit the 5k!!

Blackhawks Selfie! For

Blackhawks Selfie! For Day 22 – 12/22, 38 min tot, 28 min run

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree! For Day 23 – 12/26, 40 min tot, 30 min run

In motion! Day 24 -

Goal 2! Day 24 – 12/28, 40 min tot, 35 min run!

So, having hit my first two goals, I decided to keep up the goodwill and sense of accomplishment and have set a new one. I have decided that 2015 is the year of the Half Marathon. Every time I start running, I always feel like the half marathon is something I would like to do. Being able to say, “yeah I ran that ridiculous amount of miles” would be awesome. It seems actually attainable too, as long as I train. Which means I have to keep running in the near future! So, yesterday I signed up for the Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis. Whoops.

Now that I’ve invested the money into this crazy idea, I have to do it. So expect more running selfies, running posts and mileage updates on Instagram. My last run was for 52 min tot, 40 min run on 1/11/15.

Woot Woot.

Woot Woot.

Running today for my first interval run at 70 min tot, 50 min running.  It’s time to get this shit done!
Also, Pro-Tip For 2015: If you want to start running, run OUTSIDE. You can run at your own pace, You don’t stare at a countdown or mile counter and being outside is awesome. It’s even worth running outside in the cold. I track my mileage through mapmyrun.com, my steps with my fitbit and of course use the 0 to 10k app (soon to be 10k to 21k for the half marathon). The above times in the pictures reflect the total time (and run time) from the app, but the app has the run times set at a certain time to make the buildup gradual.
But again, if you need inspiration to get out in 2015, skip the treadmill. Everyone is nice to outdoor runners. Just Dooooooo It.


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