2015 Goals, Cooking Edition: Eggs, Snack and My Blog

So another goal I have for 2015 is to become a better cook. It’s something that I can continuously work on with every new dish. That’s one of the reasons I love cooking in general. You learn something new every time you make a dish, new or old. But in 2015, I have some immediate goals in regards to cooking:

1) Learn how to cook every version of the egg. I felt that the second half of 2014, I dedicated myself to chickpeas, zucchini and the runny egg. Specifically, the fried egg. I put it on top of everything, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I promise, even with the egg slightly burnt on the edge, it was perfect.





And Breakfast!

But, I went to brunch with a friend (at a lovely local restaurant called Milktooth) and my breakfast came with a poached egg. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn.


Definitely looks prettier than my food.

And I might be a tiny bit overdramatic but after spending the past 20 years really only eating scrambled or hard boiled eggs, I realized a) there are so many variations of the egg and b) at this point I can really only make scrambled and fried eggs. And that’s just sad. Eggs are a great source of protein and as I have already noticed, can basically go with any meal. I’ve already attempted the poached egg, with some moderate success.


My most recent Bibimbap. Poached Egg, Carrots, Sliced Beef, Green Beans, Kale and some Shallots over rice. Yum.

So at least for the first half of the year, 2015 = Eggs!

2) Another goal of mine is to find the perfect healthy snack. Of course, the obvious answer is fruit or vegetables. But you can’t always just eat fruit and vegetables. When I got back from Christmas vacation, I didn’t have any groceries and that included milk. Without milk, I realized I needed to get some quick breakfasts for the week until my milk came (I have a grocery service that delivers to my apartment and one of the things I get is fresh milk, my service is on Thursday). So I picked up some greek yogurt and some breakfast oatmeal bars. I quickly realized the breakfast bars were extremely delicious and would make a great snack….. but they put SO MUCH SUGAR in them. I’m pretty sure a small chocolate bar has less sugar in it. So I’ve found some alternative bars/balls that I’m going to try and make. I’m excited.



3) And last but not least my blog. So far I’ve been focusing on the recipes I cook in my day to day, and taking the pictures as I go with my fancy iPhone. BUT I know I could do better. Plus, everyone always says Quality over Quantity right? So I’m thinking of going down to three posts a week: A recipe, a Sunday Science post and a life update. It’s a manageable amount of posts and I can put more time into each one. For food posts, that means cooking the blog recipe on a Saturday or Sunday, where I can get actual natural light. It really can make a difference when it comes to food photos. An example:

Some delicious homemade chili.

Some delicious homemade chili. Taken at night under my oven light.

For example, I made this bowl of chili and then took a pretty picture of it.

Some chili I had later, picture taken at lunch.

There is a lot more behind sharing delicious food than just writing about it. Lesson Learned. I’m going to keep cooking recipes, reviewing them and sharing my attempt with you guys.

Happy Cooking in 2015!


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