2015 Goals, Science Edition: Grad School and a SpaceX Vine.

So I’m going to start by saying, being out of school is great. I love my job, I love having free time after work hours and being able to do whatever I want during that free time (that usually ends up being laundry and dishes but it can be more fun things…. like Orphan Black marathons). So of course, I think instead of keeping my free time free, I’m probably going back to school. Specifically, I think I’m going back to get a Masters degree. So I was thinking that my Sunday Science posts might keep covering the big space topics of the week but during the weeks where nothing huge is happening I might share what I’m studying on the blog. That’s of course, if I do end up going back. I still haven’t applied, or decided where I want to go to study for my masters but this is something that I’ve been thinking of doing for some time. So warning, things might be getting more technical in Fall of 2015.


Why am I going back again?

And on that note, I haven’t really looked into any big space event enough to write a full post about it. So instead, here’s a vine from the big space event of the week, where SpaceX was trying to land their rocket back down on the same platform. Close but no cigars.


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