Ramen, Ramen, RAMEN! : Made Two Ways

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Say hello to my recent guilty pleasure.


Even though the weather has finally taken a turn into the 50s, a few weeks ago it was bone chilling cold. So cold that I drove to work instead of my usual walk (and I live less than ten minutes away from work). Because of the cold, I’ve been craving warm bowls of soup. I wanted all the variations, as long as it was just warm slurpy soup. Ramen falls into that category. Which is why I’ve made it twice in the past two months, in two different ways.

The first is a Chicken Ramen from howsweeteats.com [link here].


I followed her recipe pretty close to the letter, so I’m only going to share a few tips on how I made it. But the second ramen, although inspired by iamafoodblog’s brothless ramen [link here], was made by me! I followed her beef marinade and used ramen noodles but the rest of the ingredients are my own!

Look at that egg yolk!

Look at that egg yolk!

So I’ll start with the chicken ramen first:

  • Tip 1: To save time, buy a roasted chicken. You can always make your own and I’m sure it will intensify the flavor, but I coped out and just bought one at my grocery store. Cuts the cooking time down a bit.


  • Tip 2: Don’t over-noodle. I just kind of estimated when I threw in my ramen noodle clusters (I found these at Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati, but I’m sure there will be some type of asian noodle you could use in your supermarket’s international section). Estimation can sometimes end up in a low broth ramen. Whoops.
Noodle Overload!

Noodle Overload!

And that’s it. I thought it was super yummy, so I highly recommend you make it.

And now, the beef ramen!

The Stuff: (I forgot to get all the ingredients together before cooking, so no photo)

  • Ground Beef (3/4 lb)
  • List of marinade ingredients here!
  • 1 container of beef broth
  • 6 oz of spinach
  • 3 ramen nests (or whatever thin long pasta you want to use, udon would be good as a substitute)
  • As many eggs as you plan on eating (so I made one)
  • Red Curry Paste, Minute Miso and Chili Garlic Sauce

The Steps:

1. Marinade your beef for 2 hours. You could probably do it in less time, but I can promise it was pretty tasty with the 2 hour delay.


2. Cook the ground beef in a medium sized pan. I added some sesame oil since I had some pretty lean beef. Once cooked, drain it.


3. Next wilt the spinach (in the same pan). Oh did I mention this (can be) is a one pan meal? I added some salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and ground ginger.


4. Now take the spinach out and add the beef stock, some drops of minute miso, a spoon of the chili garlic sauce (more or less to you taste), and a teaspoon of the red curry paste. Then whisk everything together! The original recipes I see for ramen all use a red or white miso. I can never find it at my grocery store so I bought a minute miso as a substitute. I add the chili garlic sauce to add some warmth (It’s great I promise!).  The red curry paste keeps getting added because I have no other recipes for it and I don’t want it to go bad in my fridge (haha).

My ramen broth heroes

My ramen broth heroes


5. Bring the mixture to a boil and add the ramen noodles. Follow the directions of your noodles (mine only took 3 minutes to cook!).



6. Cook your egg whichever way you want. I attempted to poach mine but failed. But the yolk had a nice shell, so I grabbed that sucker out of there and put it right on top of my now complete ramen! This whole recipe took me about 35 minutes (not including the marinade time).


I left it on a high boil, so the whites didn’t attach to the yolk….. whoops.

Now go eat yummy noodle soup. There is nothing more comforting than noodles and broth.



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