Voyager, More iPhone Apps, and TV (Supernatural, Empire and the State of the Union)

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I have kept on chugging with the Outlander series during my Christmas break and have finished book 3, the Voyager. It’s the best in the series but I think that’s just because I have a thing for sea adventures. I really wanted to say pirates but the Voyager did not have a full on pirate adventure. It was probably a more accurate view of what actual pirates were but not the pirate adventure I’m used to…. which is mainly One Piece. Also, now that I think about it, Pirates of the Caribbean is another modern pirate adventure that I liked too. But Voyager is still very much the story of Claire and Jamie, just on the high seas. So without giving away any spoilers, A+ for book three and I can’t wait for the next one. (book two got a B. It was great when I got into it, but that took forever)

iPhone Apps

Let me start by saying, I play way too many games on my phone. Enough that I can have a full on discussion about them. So, Fruit Ninja has finally stopped being super fun. I have moved on to the new update of Two Dots (which is frickin HARD. I’ll beat it eventually, so it being harder does make the update last longer).

214 was a bitch.

214 was a bitch.

I also got a new “free” app (it was free temporarily on iTunes) called MUJO. You gather blocks to beat the bad guys. It’s pretty straight forward until it hit the “freemium” concept, and I have to buy stupid lightning bolts to try and avoid the stupid bombs blowing up the awesome silver treasure chests that I just spent the last half hour collecting. And since I refuse to spend money on the thing, I have to wait 24 hours to wait for more stupid lightning so I can use my lion god to shuffle the board, so I don’t lose all my work. sigh. 

This is my iPhone game Hell

This is my iPhone game Hell

I also started playing Topple 2. I’ve played it before and then go board but for some reason it was calling my name one day. And guess what. I can’t get past the stupid power tower letter because there are no instructions on how they work. I know I could just google it, but the app should explain how they work. So I’ve stopped playing that too.


So, in summary, play Two Dots. MUJO is fun until the freemium hits and Topple 2 is stupid.


Supernatural: [Anything in brackets is an update since the original draft of this post]

Why did I start watching this? I hate creepy things. I hate horror in general. I typically read horror movie summaries on imdb (think the Purge), because reading horror concepts is just like reading a good book. On the other hand, seeing people die on a screen is awful. But there are times, when I decide that I’ve heard too many good things about a show or movie and will eventually watch it. Which is why I started watching Supernatural. And I can’t decide if I regret it or not.



Also, they do have generally really good stories behind each episode.


I usually spend the entire episode screaming at the TV “You’re going to DIEEEEEEEEE. Don’t do that, it’s STUPID. WHY ARE YOU GOING IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE!? OR BUY THE PAINTING OF THE PEOPLE WHO JUST DIED!?!?! ” I swear I spend, most of the time leaving the room while the dumb people die. I just can’t. [I’m watching an episode about killer clowns now. Yay standard horror tropes.]

I’m still only on season one. [lies, now on episode 3 of season 2.] Best episode so far for me was the Bloody Mary episode because it was just done so well (I also watched it right before bed, so it was super creepy). The vampires were kind of lame though. But it is those episodes that keep me watching through the really creepy ones.

[Also, I’ve heard the show has a huge story that drives the first few seasons. I have a vague idea what it is, but it’ll be fun to watch all the build up]


This is just a fun show. The music has been pretty great, each character is building up a base personality (and they all contain many many flaws, since this is essentially a soap/dramedy). Cookie has the best one liners. I’m not going into too much detail other than give it a shot, there are only two [three] episodes in, and it has been good soapy fun.


I mean just look at this photo. You can just tell they are all about to snap at each other a few moments later.

State of the Union Address: (these were my live thoughts as I watched the State of the Union address)


It’s really funny watching half the congress stand up after each bullet point. It looks a little (a lot) silly. I can’t decide if I just want them all to sit or stand together. It just makes the whole ‘bipartisan’ thing look really false.

But everyone stands for the veterans. A+ Congress.

Two years free community college would be cool. I think it is a step in the right direction for a cheaper education overall… although it doesn’t help the other students who might want to start at a university right away. Also, could I take random classes with the free community college available? There would have to be some sort of limit…. but I would totally take a cooking class if they let me.

In college, I was a poly sci minor. Guess what? Most presidents act exactly the same on foreign policy. From what I can tell, Obama is the same, other than the fact that he is always a bit more hesitant before pulling the trigger. He does always pull the trigger though. So I think it must be a secret act that makes Obama look slightly good to both parties while making them both angry at the same time.

Cyber terrorists are bad. M’kay.

I like how there is an updated title from nbc on what topic Obama is talking about for those of us who have kept the State of the Union on but keep doing other things at the same time. Always let’s me know which topic has half the house standing and clapping (currently on climate change).

I’m really sad that I don’t get Blackhawks games. They are up 4-0 and that would probably be more interesting than the State of the Union. I mean, they will have bullet point summaries up tomorrow online.

Oooohhhh, Obama is talking better politics. Let’s see if everyone stands, or just half the room again…..

Nope, half the room.

I will credit Obama for having plenty of sass.


And it’s over. Time to super analyze everything in it. I will wait until I see some follow-up from the Hill before I judge how Obama did.

House of Cards Commerical!!!!! So excited. Great product placement Netflix!

Also, I do want to watch the GOP response but its 10:30 and I have work tomorrow. I’ll just read those bullet points later. Especially because I’m pretty sure they are going to be, Obama said this? Well, not in my houses. (get it!? hehe)


Well, I got suckered into the GOP response.

She [She being the newly elected Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)] sounds like an infomercial. She probably isn’t used to reading off a monitor….

Yup, just said that State of the Union was a bunch of bad ideas. Called it.

Some Republicans really want that Keystone Pipeline. I haven’t paid to much attention to it but I know some of my (very) liberal friends on Facebook say it is really bad. I might need to do some more digging.

ISIL? Whoops. (ISIS cough)

She’s becoming a better speaker as time goes on.

Cyber terrorists are bad, part 2.

I think the democrats tried to be slightly more bipartisan in their speech. This speech just reads, Republican talking points from your newly elected Republican Congress. 

But now it really is time for me to stop watching this. So goodnight, my first Sunday Science post of 2015 will be up this weekend!


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