Ramblings: Continuing After Failure

Hey guuuyyyyyysss.

So this week there has been blogging silence. I’ve been doing fun things over the past couple weeks [Super Bowl, Bought some end tables, I recruited for my campus and such] and have also been kind of ignoring my blog. Not in a mean way, where I don’t want continue blogging in the future, but more in a I’m So Busy I Have No Time way. And the so busy way is really just an excuse.

Recently, I’ve had a slip. I have been making excuses not only about blogging but about running. This is the first week I have not run at all.

I knew I couldn’t run Monday or Tuesday (because of the recruiting). But I had a run scheduled for Wednesday, and after I got home from work, I was just so tired. And it was SO COLD outside. I really just did not want to run. So I promised to myself that I would run Thursday. Guess how that went.

It was colder outside, and I still didn’t want to run. So instead I cooked dinner and continued my never ending Supernatural marathon (Season 6!! I’ll hopefully right a post about Seasons 1-5, because the end of season 5 was a near perfect ending. And I love talking about endings).

And now it’s Friday, and I’m still sitting on my couch and tonight I can not run because I have prior plans, and actually do not have the time for a run. And I’m feeling awful for not keeping my commitments, lazy since I didn’t do anything productive instead, and I’m half convinced that I need to hire someone to clean my apartment because I just can not keep it clean for the life of me and the normal apartment chaos that I love has been disrupted by those brand new pretty end tables that are a little bigger than I expected.

So here is my new resolution. I WILL run tomorrow. Tomorrow I will not follow my program, since the week has already been disrupted but I WILL RUN. And then next week, I’ll hop back on the program like nothing every happened.

I will also not beat myself over this slip. This post will be the only time I vent my frustrations. It is not the end of the world that I messed up and I should not treat this like everything I planned is ruined.

Another resolution: Along with making sure I run, I will start the process of cleaning up my apartment. It’s obviously bugging me enough that I’m blogging about it.

Here is the thing I want to share (other than everything above which is really just a rant): You can continue after failure. Just because you failed once doesn’t mean you should give up. You might feel bad, or angry, or depressed but it is okay. Take a baby step and hop back on. This is where I’m really happy I have set a long term goal. I can’t just stop running completely because I have that pesky half marathon coming up. So even though this week was a set back, I need to get over it and move on.

The life lesson: Just Keep Swimming.


I this philosophy helps when you are feeling down, lonely or upset. Remember that it’s okay, and that all you can do is start the next day with a better outlook.

I’ll let everyone know next week how my run tomorrow is going to go. It’s my effort to keep swimming. 🙂


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