Ramblings: TV: Parks and Rec, Supernatural and Empire and Running Update

This post contains spoilers for the most recent Parks and Recreation and Empire episodes. I also talk about my current Supernatural obsession and a short update on running.  Read on at your own risk!




Parks and Recreation



So Parks and Recreation is probably my favorite TV show. I mean Chuck is up there, and so is the Office. Avatar: The Last Airbender is on that list. So is Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. These are shows that just make me so happy to watch them. (Empire will be on this list in the future if it keeps up it’s current quality, Drama filled but fun).

But Parks and Rec is perfection. Each character is hysterical but real. The situations are realistic but over the top in the best way.

Only in Pawnee.

Only in Pawnee.

This show has a bunch of my favorite actors, Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Retta, Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt. I want to be best friends with every one of them. I just have a feeling I’d be the Jerry.


PLUS, I’d marry Ben Wyatt in a heartbeat. Cones of Dunshire anyone?


Unfortunately, Parks and Rec is in its final season. And I’m DYING. PLEASE DON’T GO AWAY. The show still makes me laugh out loud every episode (I’m totally that crazy person). This week’s episode, Pie-Mary, is a love letter to the fans. It makes shout outs to the past (Leslie is never going to be women of the year) and makes fun of the double standard in politics on the issue of women on the campaign trail. Oh and the Men’s Rights Advocate groups. I wish I could link the clip of each group (feminist, women against feminism, the men’s rights group, shoutout to Brandi Maxx and the evil married question). So here instead is the link of her speech at the end.


Perfection down to the 50/50 applause and boos. LET BEN SPEAK hahahahaha

Anyone in my family who reads this blog: I want the entire series on Blu-ray for any occasion you would want to buy me a present. But make sure to ask before you buy it because I will probably end up buying it once the complete series comes out. (Hello Tax Refund).


And seriously, if you don’t watch Parks and Rec, the whole show is on Netflix. Start on Season Two (watch season one after the marathon).

In two weeks, expect tears. I won’t be able to handle this show ending.



Jared and Jensen, acting as Sam and Dean who then pretend to be Jared and Jensen acting as Sam and Dean.

So Meta. So Hysterical. S6E15. Go Watch.

Currently on S8E8. And the Marathon continues.




Are you watching this show yet? I’ve realized after writing the Parks and Rec section, that I’m pretty bad at explaining why I like certain TV shows. One requirement: They have to have some humor. I do like dramas, but I also need some comic relief. The best dramas can make you laugh and cry in the same episode. Empire hasn’t hit that level yet but it balances the drama and humor well. The drama in the show also seems realistic? Like in last weeks episode, Cookie hired a hitman to kill someone she viewed as a threat. I could see someone doing that in real life. A son trying to break away from his father, since his father is a jackass? Yup that can happen too. I think that is why Empire is striking a chord with its audience. It could happen. No carts falling off a helicopter into a couple having sex (coughGreyscough). Thinking about it, that also why shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are also successful dramas. They are real enough. But still have moments that make you gasp. I don’t won’t to spoil anything, since this show is still super new. You don’t need a week long marathon to catch up! Just a standard Saturday!




The after run selfie.

The after run selfie.

So I ran on Saturday. Big recommendation: Don’t run after a night of drinking. I’m glad I ran but my stomach was upset the entire time. I probably should have hydrated more. Whoops.

But I’m back on track now. I have 1 more run for this week and then next week, I finish the 0 to 10k program. Woohoo!!

I thought I’d share some tips on how I’ve stayed motivated. One step is that I made a long term commitment. Yay mini marathon. The 13 miles seems intimidating but I’m enjoying the longer runs. I just finished the 40 minute run, 3 minute walk and 10 minute run. I was able to run in a giant loop around Downtown Indy easily. And at the end, I even felt like I could run longer.

Here’s my second tip: Don’t run longer than your program, even if you feel like you could. Something I’ve been noticing a lot more, is I’ve been having aches in my legs. One week my ankle will hurt. The next my knee might be bothering me. I do not want to get injured before I really start my training. And that means doing as much as my body lets me.

Third Tip: I’m starting to think about adding strength training. It seems a lot of the aches that I’m feeling are due to either over use or not having enough muscle to support my longer runs (the over use coming back into play). So I’ve looked up youtube videos, and have done about half of one. Once. Strength training is hard. It’s something that I think will help in the future so I’m giving it a go.

Fourth tip: Find someone to talk to about running. I have a coworker who runs every day (and a 8-15 miles every weekend!). I’m pretty sure every day at work we talk about running for at least ten minutes. I think this helps a lot. One, having people to talk to holds you accountable. If I tell someone I’m going to run, then they might ask me about it the next day and if I didn’t run, I feel kind of lame. Also, it is fun to talk about your runs with someone who wants to hear about it. Each run is unique. My Monday run was awesome and I felt really in shape during the run. The run I just finished today (2/11), was okay. The weather was misting and my playlist was only okay [I listen to the same playlist which is about 6 hours long on shuffle. Never hear the same songs on each run]. Being able to tell people and have them listen about the daily run is pretty fun.

And last tip: It does have to be fun. I’m still relatively new to running every week (It’s only been four months) and I have realized it’s also pretty easy to stop (example: last week). So I try and make each run fun. Like after the run today, I treated myself to Chipotle. One of my favorite meals, but is pretty calorie heavy, so it was a treat!

Their extra lettuce game was on point.

Their extra lettuce game was on point.

But you can’t always reward runs with food. So I make it an occasional treat. Another way I keep running fun, is again by running outside. I plan on taking a picture with most of the art on the Indy Cultural trail or with anything I see that’s cool. Like the fact that this building on the circle has colored lights on the windows which they light up in patterns.



I also ran a new route today and noticed they have giant sculptures of famous people on the trail. I saw Albert Einstein Today! In summary, keep it fun and you’ll keep going. One run at a time.


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