Running Update: 5/13

So I’m official in training for the Half Marathon. Just ask my t-shirt.

IMG_8415It was offered when I signed up for the Mini Marathon and I decided it was worth the price. I mean, how can I back down when the back of my shirt claims I’m a runner?


So, I’ve officially finished the 0 to 10k app. It took me longer than the 14 weeks of the program (since I missed a week) but I did it! Next is the 10 to 21k app, which I should finish right around the time of the Mini Marathon!!

IMG_8416Unfortunately, running for 60 minutes doesn’t quite equally a 10k for me. I’m running around a 12-13 minute pace, so my victory run was a 5 miler.

So of course, I’m making the crazy jump and this weekend I’m running an 8 miler. It is for the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, specifically keeping the trail clean during the winter. And since I primarily run on the Cultural Trail (Meaning I run on it 95% of the time, the other time I’m at home home), I’m pretty invested in making sure it stays clean. Running Outside >>>>> Running on a Treadmill.

The Winter Warmup run is 8 miles though. It combines all my usually running routes into one long run. And it is going to be a warmup since it is going to be COLD this Saturday morning.

All I can say to the cold is meet my white windbreaker. And Blackhawks headband. And under amour. It’s strange how my running attire has stayed the same throughout the winter. Only thing that seems to change is the temperature and the wind.


To sum up running right now: I can do it, I’m almost half way there, I want it to get warmer and I should probably get more running clothes.

BUT I’m still motivated, and that’s all I can ask for. I’ll try and give an update after the winter warmup! 😀


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