Another Week in the Life….

So here is another post to float my blog until my grad school application is done (I’m aiming to turn it in two weeks, so hopefully I’ll have a lot more free time to start writing full posts again!

First, Cooking:

March 19th, Pesto Pasta with Eggs. I found this cool new market in Indy, Wildwood Market, that sells local artisan food such as the pesto and pasta used in this dish!

IMG_8660Next is on March 20th, Kale Fried Rice with a Healthy dose of carrots! Inspired by HowSweetEats.


I also made sweet garlic chile shrimp for the protein.

IMG_8687On March 22nd and 23rd, I adapted a soup from Trader Joe’s into a slightly more filling meal.


The first day I added spinach and some homemade croutons.


The second day I added spinach, pasta, carrots and a hard boiled egg (could you tell I was a little hungrier?)


Picture above is before I added the egg obviously.

Yesterday I cheated and got dinner from a local soup shop in Indy (Soupremacy). I got a trio of roasted carrots, saffron fish and bacon and corn chowder which they serve with fresh baked bread provided by Amelia’s (a local bakery). Best sound was the corn chowder, followed by the saffron. The roasted carrot had lentils in it that I thought were a bit tough.


And as I write this I am making Shepard’s Pie for the first time (from IamaFoodBlog). Below is a photo pre-potatoes (with a small veggie corner for lunch tomorrow (because of Lent)!)


And here is a photo with the potatoes!!

I was maybe one small potato short from covering the whole thing. Also my broiler also favored one side...

I was maybe one small potato short from covering the whole thing. Also my broiler also favored one side…

And then here was my dinner!


All in All, a very delicious week!


– I found a donut shop that sells a Leslie Knope Waffle doughnut (from a new doughnut shop Rocket88)!! #PawneeForever

IMG_8647I can confirm that the maple waffle doughnut tastes like a funnel cake. All it needed was a signature whip cream topper and it would be perfect.

IMG_8650– Also, my favorite sous-chef came to visit, my Mom! and by sous-chef, I mean pro-dish washer 😉


She also brought some of my younger siblings, who immediately found the TV upon arrival.

IMG_8675I spent the weekend with them, shopping and walking around downtown Indy. It was the best relaxing weekend.

– And with the arrival of half my family, came some flowers! It’s been fun watching them bloom.


Last, Rocket Science:

– So the Germanwings plane crash is crazy and really sad. Right now, the news is that the co-pilot initiated the descent which crashed the plane. Again, really sad.

And on a happier note, Here is a pretty space picture. Have a good weekend!



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