Logo Design

So I custom made my own logo using free fonts online and stock images found online. I thought I’d give credit to the places I found these images since they are all over the place.

The Large Logo


So I used three fonts for the Rocket Girl Cooks Label.

These fonts were available for commercial use and the links are from 1001fonts.com . I liked them because the conveyed the message of Science! Girl! and Flames!

  • Astron Boy – Science-y
  • Princess Sofia – Girl-y
  • Dark Garden – Flame-y

There are four images in the logo. A rocket image, the flame image, the frying pan image and the space image in the background. Below is where I got them from:

  • Rocket : http://www.clker.com/cliparts/l/O/3/X/b/u/black-and-white-rocket-fire-hi.png
  • Flame : http://www.clker.com/cliparts/8/9/e/4/12170845631587244963flame.svg.med.png
  • Frying Pan : http://www.clker.com/cliparts/d/5/0/2/12387028081954057375rugby471_Tango_Style_Frying_Pan.svg.hi.png
  • Space Image [I think this is the one I used]: http://dreamatico.com/data_images/stars/stars-3.jpg

I messed with the colors in powerpoint to match the colors given by my blogs theme [which is Hemingway Rewritten].

I also made a smaller blog logo with the same fonts above and with the space image. This is the image that shows up in the url to the left, or it you save my blog as a bookmark this is the image that shows up.

Mini Logo

And that’s it! I’m waiting for one of my younger sisters to try and design a better custom logo for my blog but this is what is going to stay for a while!


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